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Scheucher Protective Care Wax oil (Code: )

Care- Wax  Oil  Maintenance oil with wax for oiled wooden surfaces made from natural and modified plant oil and resins with matting agents, lead- and cobalt- and terpine free. 

Application: Shake well before use! Surface must be dry, clean and free of dust. use dry cotton cloth or buffering machine. Spray little amount of care wax  oil onto surface and spread it in very thin layer using cloth or buffering machine. Let it dry for minimum 8 hours under good air ventilation. Please refear to our care and maintenance guide.

Consumption: 60-80m2 per litre per application, for initial care up to 150m2/litre.

Storage: Keep away from  children! Shelf life max. 6 month for opened bins.

Flashpoint: above 650C

Content: 250 ml or 750 ml, open space in bin can be used for mixing pigmented oils

Attention: Soaked clothes or pads must be kept in a closed metal container or washed immediately as they may start burning by self-ignition.


Manufacturer: Scheucher
Size of trading unit:
Price: 17.50 EUR
Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping
Delivery time: 1-2 Workingdays
Weight: 0.25 Kg
Basic price: 70.00 EUR / Liter
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