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WOCA Exterior Cleaner (Code: 617910A)

WOCA Exterior Cleaner

Exterior Cleaner is for the cleaning of wood decking, garden furniture, cladding/sidings, fences, doors, carports etc. The product removes green growth and dirt.

  • Removes moss and algae growth, prevents resettlement
  • Suitable for decking, garden furniture, claddings and sidings
  • Manual or mechanical cleaning
  • Non harmful to vegetation
  • Exterior Cleaner is also very suitable for the cleaning of brickwork and concrete plates.

How to do

  1. 1Soak the wood with plenty of water. If possible use a garden hose.
  2.  Mix Exterior Cleaner with water in the ratio 1:2 and apply it with a nylon brush or spray. By extreme dirt, the Exterior Cleaner may be used undiluted.
  3. Scrub the soaked wood lengthwise the wood grain till the wood appears clean. Repeat the cleaning if necessary.
  4. Immediately after cleaning, hose down the surface with water.
  5. Clean tools in water.
  6. Leave the wood to dry for approx. 24 hours. The wood must be completely dry before an oil treatment. Remove fibre rising with sandpaper.


Coverage: 6-10 m2/litre

Available pot sizes: 1 litre and 2,5 litre  

Manufacturer: Woca
Size of trading unit:
Price: 16.90 EUR
Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping
Delivery time: 1-2 Workingdays
Weight: 1 Kg
Basic price: 16.90 EUR / Liter
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